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Add a layer of automation to chocolate moulding. Add a lot of capacity and consistency without a huge investment.


The Entrepreneur was designed and built for the smaller producer, looking to add a layer of automation - without having to invest big in infrastructure.


At around 20ft long, the Entrepreneur has all the same production capabilities as our full-size chocolate molding lines. Due to its size, we have been able to build more flexibility into it.

  • 1 or 2 color depositor

  • Solid, hollow or filled chocolates - second chocolate, caramel or liquid (for example alcohol)

  • Optional sprinkler available

  • Automatic mold loading from rack specially built

  • Automatic mold discharge into specially built rack

The Entrepreneur is a full-scale small form-factor chocolate moulding production line. Solid, hollow or liquid filled.


At the beginning of the equipment, an operator loads a bespoke cart of empty moulds into the equipment.


At the end of the equipment, the same operator unloads a cart of filled molds.


What happens in between is completely automatic.

The design of our depositor has been tested from the small scale entrepreneur to the large scale industrial production line.

1 or 2 Colors


The Entrepreneur is equipped with a single depositor as standard. However, the same equipment can be equipped two depositors, for two color molding.

Will do fillings


Our equipment can be set up to work with a variety of different fillings. Chocolate, cream or even liquids. This one pictured here is set up to fill chocolates with a liquor filling.

We've produced some of the move innovative chocolate filling machines available. Capable of liquor or alcohol.
The system may be small but it is still capable of the same production as our larger units, just on a smaller scale.



The system can be set up to run different molds in the same run. A cart with 90 molds in it for example, can run 30 molds of 3 different products without the need for changeovers or program changes half way through.

Built on mechanics, not servo.


Servo technology has it's advantages, but it also has a lot of (sometimes very costly) disadvantages. To that end, we have designed the ThroughFlow-Junior around a purely mechanical system in order to ensure that it runs correctly and consistently all the time.


As a result, set up is quick and simple, and the maintenance requirement is second to none.

Servo technology is nice, but it can also be extremely expensive to build and maintain. This system is built around mechanics.
Our system is built around capability and sanitation. The ease of which this can be sanitized minimizes downtime due to cleaning.
Automatic mould loading, customizable depositing and automatic mould removal and rack loading. This is a controlled small scale production line.

Contact us for more information

Get in touch with us for more information on this system, and how it can be built to suit your exact needs.

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