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Design Philosophy

Simplicity, Innovation, and above all: Quality

These are the three basic principles with which every one of our machines and designs are based upon.


Our machines are amongst the simplest solutions to production problems available. What this offers is a longevity and ease of maintenance many others are not able to rival. It also offers the added bonus of being able to put all our focus and effort into the quality of parts and engineering within the functions of the different components within the machine itself.


Every one of our machine designs in one way or another offers innovations to the market. Whether it be the first true C-Frame pacing extruder available on the market, or a CrossFlow sandwich cookie machine whose internal workings make it impossible for the product running through the machine to interfere with its functioning; they all have innovation bred within them.


Many years ago, one of our machines was due to be installed on a second story factory level, however, upon receiving it they quickly changed their plans when they realized the weight of the machine. We were told after installation about this, along with their certainty that should the building collapse, our machine would probably be the last thing standing. We have also heard that our longer equipment is the only equipment available that can be lifted from the middle of the side without fear of bending. We make no secret that our machinery is heavy, in fact we pride ourselves on it. Every one of our machines is built with quality in mind from the bearings that go into it, the craft and attention to detail that goes into the machining, all the way to the welds that hold the smallest of parts to it. There is no cutting corners when it comes to quality, it's in every part.


With these three principles constantly in mind, our machines are always built to the highest and most unrelenting quality and performance requirements: our own. We hold ourselves and our work the highest of standards, so that our customers know they are getting the best from us, which is the best available in our industry.


Engineering Sketch
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