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VDE ThroughFlow Sandwiching System. A unique, full width system for producing sandwich cookies from rotary moulded, pucks or handmade cookies.



The ThroughFlow Sandwich System is a universal sandwich machine for the production of sandwich cookies at high speed, high throughput, with one or more colors/textures of cream. It can be configured to work with an oven band or work with bake pans.

An evolution from our patented ultra high speed CrossFlow Sandwiching System (CFSS), our ThroughFlow is among the most capable and most compact cookie systems available in the industry.


The ThroughFlow Sandwich System is designed specifically for those customers with various sizes and shapes of sandwich cookies, often shorter runs and multiple changeovers, with multiple different cream options. It is also the ideal set-up for customers who are using true stencil cream.

  • Full oven band width - no vibratory feed, no manual labor

  • Automatic pan un-loading -  the cookies are taken off the pan

  • Mechanical biscuit turn - no free fall, no chutes

  • Full width stencils - based on our patented design

  • Optional manifold depositing

  • Sanitary production, no chains near your product, no belts

  • Mechanical capping - no vibratory chutes, no vacuum

  • Exact, controlled, height calibration

  • Change production within minutes

  • Plenty of capacity

Sandwich machine cookies -1 _NB.png

Multiple Possibilities

Our ThroughFlow System is capable of handling almost any shape and size of cookie - including handmade, artisan cookies.

It will even accept 'odd' shapes, such as a star or maple leaf, either hand made, wire-cut, or rotary moulded cookies.

Using top-of-the-line VDE depositor, highly accurate depositing of cream, jelly, chocolate, caramel, with or without inclusions.

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Sandwich machine cookies -2 _NB.png
The ThroughFlow system is delicate and accurate enough to be able to work with Macarons, straight from the tray.

Great for Macaron production!

Heavy Duty Components and Materials


We pride ourselves on building our equipment completely out of Stainless Steel and only the best of components. This results in a machine that is not only heavy duty but also one that will stand the test of time. Our customers have reported equipment lifespans of over 25 years without the need for repairs or major maintenance.

No wires carrying the product, and no chains near your biscuits - just clean stainless steel carriers.

Simple. Unique. Sanitary.


  • No belts in the creaming and capping area.

  • Every other row will be mechanically turned up side down.

  • Individual stencils, as many as there are lanes through your oven.

  • Adjustable capacity per stencil, per lane.

  • No wires carrying the product, no chains near the product; just clean full width stainless steel carriers.

  • Full width discharge, ready for your cooling tunnel, packaging or the VDE Tray Loader.

  • Potential reduction in manual labor requirement for the production of sandwich cookies.

The combined sandwiching tray loader is a compact unit capable of sandwiching almost any cookie and putting it into a tray.

Part of a Set


Our ThroughFlow Sandwich system has many options which can be included, such as a powder sugar or nonpareil sprinkler, a chocolate drizzler, a cooling tunnel which uses both radiant and convection cooling, and our state-of-the-art automated tray loading system. 

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