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Our History


In 1922, Mr. Vingerling started a small machine factory in Rotterdam, Holland: Vingerling's Machinefabriek.


They designed and built machines for the chocolate and confectionary industry.


Mr. Leen Vingerling, the son, got involved in the factory and with his father, they expanded the company.


They were known for their very high levels of precision and quality. In order to achieve and maintain these levels, they went through several factory managers. Not one was able to withstand the relentless pressure for the required perfectionism and over time left the company.

1920s Chocolate Machine
Giel van der Ent


During the 1960’s they hired Machiel van der Ent, trained for many years in the "old school" ways and with an excellent record of craftsmanship as their shop supervisor. Giel, as his friends called him, had the right character and loved precision and hard work. As tough as he could be, the workers loved him for his passion for detail, and honesty.


In the years that ensued, Vingerling’s built chocolate moulding machines and candy cooking equipment for all major North-West European factories.


Some of this equipment – some now more than 60 years old – is still in production to this day.


Only a few years after Giel started at Vingerling’s, he's got an extra challenge in the form of his son Hans. A school dropout at the age of 15, he needed a job as well as a strong hand.


Giel brought his son into the apprentice shop and taught him of precision craftsmanship, and the ways quality machine design.


There were conditions though. Hans would go to night school, and study mechanical engineering. Should he quit, he would lose his 35 dollar/week job. Going on to earn a Ph.D in mechanical engineering, before to become one of the finest machine designers in the industry.


Hans worked his way up and without telling his father, bought the Vingerling’s machine factory in 1978. Now his father worked for him, and yet they became the best of friends.


With one working on design work, while the other ran the factory, the two formed a great team, and the years that followed brought with them great equipment, along with great success.


Old customers, familiar with the quality of Vingerling’s, put their trust in Hans' new company and orders came in at good pace.


With the growing number of customers in the USA and Central- and South America, the company relocated to the USA.


In particular some of the largest companies in the industry put a lot of trust in the VDE Machines, and as a result some excellent equipment has been developed and built over the years.

VDE Machines


VDE Machines prides itself on the eye for detail in the designs, and the craftsmanship with which they are built.


Everyone at our company shares a love for innovation and quality machine building. We firmly believe that that overshadows any race for high sales numbers. 


Our goal is to solve our customers production problems, and increase their efficiencies, one piece of equipment at a time.

Cookie Tray Loading machine

We believe that quality and commitment to our customers last!


Whether it be developing a game changing high speed sandwich cookie system, or a one-fits-all tray loader; the innovation continues!

Our incredibly capable sandwich cookie production system


Engineering Sketch
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