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The VDE Tray Loader is capable of handling a large quantity and variety of cookies, and virtually any tray.


Easily one of the worlds most unique tray loading machines, the VDE Tray Loader has the ability to load any shape and size of cookie. From single cookies to sandwich cookies, even fig bars or chocolate coated bars.


The tray loader is designed with simplicity in mind, using a system unlike anything else. Our machine simply gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and overall, is exceptionally gentle on the product.

  • Full Width

  • Absolute control

  • No free fall

  • All Stainless Steel

  • Integrated NEMA 4X 

  • Wire cut cookies

  • Biscuits

  • Sandwich cookies

  • Fig bars

One machine fits all

With a change-over time of just minutes,

the unique design of the VDE Tray Loader

allows you to automatically:

Load trays "pile stack"                                 Load trays "on edge"                                 Load trays "shingled"

The VDE Tray Loader is easily set up to laod cookies into flat stack trays.
The VDE Tray Loader is easily set up to laod cookies into on-edge trays.
The VDE Tray Loader is easily set up to laod cookies into shingle-stack trays.
The equipment can be set up to translate a short side leading production system into a broadside leading tray.

Machine comes with an optional bar turn device.

Rectangular bars enter the system short side leading,

and are then automatically turned 90° and loaded broad side leading into trays.

Full width and compact

Our system fits right into your existing production line, integrating with full width tray loading capability.


Available for 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm oven bands standard.

The system can be set up to work with almost any product, and will even work with loading macarons into their trays.



One of the foundations of every piece of VDE Equipment is the simplicity with which is it built.


This results in less (and easier) maintenance, and less potential for downtime during the life of the equipment.

Ease of Sanitation.

All of our equipment is built with attention to detail when it comes to sanitation.


A combination of simplicity and simple details in construction result in what little sanitation that is required, being very easy to carry out.



Quick and easy adjustment of lane widths.


Simple changes to fit various tray sizes.

Designed. Tested. Refined.


Based on a design from the mid-80's and patented in 1990, the current generation of VDE Tray Loader  is built on the back of decades of refinement.


The same system has been used on everything from cookies, to rice crackers and fig newtons - even donuts!


Now in its fifth generation, the system works on full servo control, which is completely controllable from the HMI. This is just one of the several improvements, while keeping the same simplicity and maintenance.

Full width from the oven band, sandwiched cookies, loaded straight into their trays. One machine, in-line, compact, mobile, and simple.

Part of a Set


Our Tray Loader System is available as part of a set that includes a state of the art Cookie Sandwiching System.


This in-line system takes cookies straight off the oven or cooling line, through sandwiching and straight into their trays, ready for wrapping.

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