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Extruder for

Bake Pans



Half &




The VDE Extruder for bake pans. Putting all the potential and capabilities of our extruder into a system that works directly onto bake pans.

The BP-Extruder was designed and built for the smaller producer, looking to add a layer of automation - without having to invest big in infrastructure.


Offering all the same advantages and capabilities of our full scale extruder system, the BP-Extruder is meant for the smaller bakery. No conveyor needed, no oven involved, and customizable to fit any bake pan.


Wire Cut products, Extruded shapes, almost any dough or material, and will deposit straight onto the bake pan. Customized shaped bake pans (such as one shown above) also available.

  • Single-, Co-, or Triple-Extruder set ups available

  • CigarCut, WireCut and Diaphragm-Cutter options available

  • Pucks, WireCut Cookies, Solid Bars, Hollow Bars, Filled Bars

  • Die/extruding shape customization

  • Multiple pump options - ability to work with almost any cream, jam or dough

  • Optional lifting motion for more consistent production

  • Optional band-following pacing motion

  • Automatic [and] Tool-less pump and die system standard

  • Built for quick/easy changeovers and sanitation

  • Integrated controls, NEMA-4X, IP-67 rated

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Get in touch with us for more information on this system, and how it can be built to suit your exact needs.

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