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Over the years VDE Machines has been contracted to do design and engineering of the most unique equipment in our industry - many of which remain closely guarded trade secrets to this day.


While not our core business, this has become a specialty.. Whether it be unique or unusual products, if there isn't an existing solution available, the engineers here at VDE Machines will be able to help you design a custom solution.


With much of our bespoke equipment remaining secret, we are unable to disclose the full extent of our work. This is a small sampling of our capabilities.

  • Row Removal Systems

  • Cooling Towers

  • Product Feed Systems

  • Alignment systems

  • Ball Forming Extruders

  • Wafer Caramel Depositor

  • Gem Depositor

  • Cantilever Belt Conveyors

  • Guillotine System

  • Production Line Improvements & Stream-lining

Get in touch with us, and let's start talking about your production situation!

Cooling Towers

We have built an array of different style cooling towers for a huge variety of different applications. From huge walk in coolers, to small integrated cooling tunnels, we've done it all.

Complete stainless steel construction, our cooling towers have been used on cookies for over 80 years. Available with tool-less opening.
Our row removal system is an innovative design, combining simplicity with utility to maximize speed while minimizing down and change-over time.

Row Removal System

Through our experience streamlining and improving production lines over the years, we have developed multiple Row Removal systems which are highly capable.

VDE Machines has installed a variety of Product Feed Systems over the years, for everything from packaging to cartoning to tray loading.

Cartoning Line

On one project we had a fixed budget, and not much room to add an after-market cartoning solution - so we built one ourselves. It is still in production.

Production Streamlining

We have turned all of our experience of machine building and built it into production line improvement and streamlining expertise. We took one production line from 30% scrap to 2.5% during one such project.

We have a rich history of Product Feed Systems including everything from fig newtons to pop tarts, and dozens of other products.

Contact us for more information

Get in touch with us for more information on this system, and how it can be built to suit your exact needs.

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