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Compact Production Series

Extruder for

Bake Pans



Half &


This series of equipment takes all of the design and technologies of our larger equipment, and forms them into a compact package.

These are perfect for smaller bakeries looking to add a layer of automation without investing huge sums to adapt to larger equipment.

They are also great for sample production or prototyping runs, in larger bakeries.

The VDE Compact Production Series are built for purpose, and highly adaptable.

ThroughFlow Junior
Automated sandwiching machine for smaller producers, test runs, prototyping or sample production.

Automatic cooking sandwiching machine for the smaller bakeries.

Completely mechanical reducing maintenance to almost zero.

Extruder for Bake Pans

We made our extremely adaptable and capable Extruder system work with bake pans - making it a perfect fit for smaller producers looking to add more consistency and capacity.

All of the capabilities and adaptability of our full-scale extruder, built into a system to work with bake pans.
The Entrepreneur
A fully capable, small sized chocolate moulding line. Will run solid, hollow or filled – including liquid - cookies.

A full-scale chocolate molding line, on the small-scale.


Solid, hollow or filled chocolates, on a (small) industrial scale.

Half & Halfer

An automatic machine for creating Black & White cookies - half milk chocolate, half white chocolate (or any other combination). Will also work creams and coatings.

An automated production machine to produce half and half coated chocolates – black and whites. Will work with any coating or chocolate.
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