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Our Mission

Our mission is to supply our customers with the most innovative equipment on the market.

VDE Machines is all about product leadership. The products the company makes are not only innovative, but also easier to use than the alternatives. Instead of going for the ‘straight forward’ logical approach to a problem and coming up with a solution that is easy to think of but may be complex to actually carry out, VDE Machines looks at the alternatives.


For example, the pump systems that a vdE extruder uses are not loaded like the rest of the industries. There the process can sometimes take up to 90 minutes because of the removal of a handful nuts & bolts to remove (and replace) the pump. With a vdE, the pumps are electro-mechanically held in place, and replacing them is a process that can take less than 60 seconds, and requires two pushes of a button, and the pulling/pushing of a pump in and out of the extruder. Simple, elegant, and a process that is a lot less time consuming.


It is with this same mind-set that VDE Machines approaches the design of all of its equipment; not just looking for the simplest or quickest solution to a process, but looking at other ways of doing it – ways that often prove, in practice, to be even simpler than the ‘quick’ solution.


Every machine the company designs and builds, quality and innovation are the two main components. From the designs themselves, to the materials used; quality and innovation is ingrained into every VDE machine.

Our vision is listening to our customer’s requests, ignoring any competition, and focusing on creative and innovative designs. To lead the market in cutting-edge equipment.

Our core values


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