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Extruder for

Bake Pans



Half &


A simple and consistent solution to automate the production of cookies half one chocolate and half another.


Half & Halfs, Black & Whites or by whatever name they are known are time consuming to make. Two different colors of chocolate, coating or icing - or a combination of the two - applied to each side of the cookie.


The Half & Halfer is a VDE design that aims to take as much of the manual labor out of the production as possible. As seen above, two lanes of cookies are fed into the machine - optional magazines available - and coated half white, and half black.


They are then discharged onto either a bake pan, into a cooling tunnel or onto a conveyor.


The equipment is fully adjustable while in production to allow operators to create the perfect product.

  • Two color chocolate coating equipment

  • Fully adjustable - on-the-fly.

  • Any shape of cookie

  • Top & Bottom coated

  • Manual or magazine fed

  • Optional cooling tunnel available

Cooling Tunnel Option

After the Half & Halfer, the chocolate or coating may still be wet enough to stick to any surface it comes into contact with.


VDE offers an integrated cooling tunnel solution, complete with an FDA Approved Chocolate ready conveyor belt.

An optional cooling tunnel will ensure your chocolate coated cookies are set and hard before they reach the bake pan, tray loader or packaging unit/station.

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